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Welcome to Better Shape, a service offering free advice on helping to get you fit and healthy in 2019.  Based in Redditch, Worcestershire we offer unique personal training services from March 2019.


Redditch Personal Trainer

Why is a personal trainer important?

A personal trainer, as the name suggests, is a fitness professional who trains their client on a personal basis or typically 1 to 1 basis. This way they know exactly what the requirements and limitations of the client are and then work around them. Learning proper form and technique of exercises is critical in order to execute them in an effective, safe and injury-free manner. An injury can affect a person very negatively, both physically and mentally, potentially with lifelong injuries! Additionally, even a very small injury can hinder an exercise program very badly, seeking the advice of an experienced personal trainer, may advise you to see a qualified specialist in a particular field.

The majority of those that have trained under a good personal trainer will likely inform you what a great difference it makes to have a motivating personal trainer beside them while they work out. An experienced trainer knows when to push your personal limits and understands when to take it easy.

They understand a client's limits and know exactly how to bring out the best of their physical abilities in a personal training session, each and every time. With effective spotting techniques, recorded progression and training methods backed by science are the incredibly positive factors that one can never attain without having a qualified and experienced personal trainer by their side. Personal trainers help their clients in a multitude of ways to achieve their physical fitness goals.

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